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Chris Beavor, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development

Chris is Senior Vice President of Strategic Development for HST and provides industry-leading expertise in enabling current and future customers to realize the full potential of their outpatient facilities. Chris's primary focus is providing these facilities with the world's most advanced IT solutions and services.

Chris came to HST from Eclipsys Corporation in December 2005 where he was Vice President of Alternate Care Markets. Under Chris's management, Eclipsys devised a specific set of solutions tailored for the outpatient market and surgical hospitals. In addition, Chris worked closely with leading physicians in the United States to implement best practices, improve workflows, and develop content within the Eclipsys applications. He was responsible for marketing the entire suite of clinical and financial applications and integrating them into an enterprise environment.

Chris has played an instrumental role in the growth of HST since it's inception in 2005. HST's client base has grown to serve over 700 surgery centers and 45+ different management companies with the ASC market. Chris has demonstrated a unique ability to serve these clients by seeing what they see, aligning solutions from the HST family of products to meet their operational and technical needs and foster a level of partnership between HST and our client base that will permit HST to grow in the coming years.

Chris has extensive capabilities in building brands and providing customers with a steady and consistent commitment to quality. For over 30 years he has held sales and strategic direction roles that have seen him enter new market sectors, grow market share and assist in the development efforts for leading technology firms.