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About HST - Who we are

Our Story

Many surgery centers complained about receiving poor customer service from their software vendor characterized by a lack of industry and product knowledge of Help Desk personnel.

Users were concerned that their software had received little or no enhancements leading them to conclude that they have an obsolete legacy system. The legacy products experienced degradations in technical support. Many "bugs" could not be fixed and many software updates were unreliable causing more problems and frustrations. These systems issues place your surgery center at RISK for operational failure.

These complaints became the catalyst to create HST. HST was founded by Tom Hui in 2005 to address the Information System needs of the ASC industry. Tom was founder and President of SIS (later known as SurgiSource) from 1989 to 2001. HST assembled an experienced team of engineers and surgery center professionals to develop HST. Tom Hui's commitment is to restore integrity, confidence, reliability, and competition back into ASC Information Systems. Many surgery centers already enjoy the benefits brought by HST. It is not a question of "if" you will convert from your legacy system, but a question of "when". Find out why so many surgery centers have already selected HST and hear their positive experiences!

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Who we work with

HST makes software for single and multi-specialty ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), corporate management companies, hospital outpatient and same day surgical facilities, ASC revenue cycle management companies, and outpatient cardiac facilities. Our cloud-based software spans large national enterprises and extends into physician practices.
Our Integrations

What makes us different

HST is more than just technology.
We're a company-wide commitment to partner with our customers and other vendor-to-vendor technology leaders to deliver high quality software, exceptional services, and innovative solutions that proactively comply with the changing regulatory requirements. HST provides scalable and reliable software that enables our customers to continuously improve processes, profitable, and quality outcomes.

Mission / Vision

  • Our Mission
    HST will raise the level of excellence for providing Information Technology and IT Services to Outpatient Healthcare Providers. In every industry, a clear market leader emerges and delivers exceptional value and service to their customers. HST demonstrates its leadership with superior solutions for both the enterprise multi-facility customer as well as the freestanding surgical centers. Together, with customers as partners, HST will continually improve upon its Information Technology to reflect best practices. HST will become an important Strategic Business Asset and indispensable to senior and executive management.
  • Our Vision
    HST's leadership, management, and staff will tirelessly pursue quality improvement processes. We continuously strive to develop reliable software and provide excellent customer service in a way that is consistent, repeatable, and cost effective for our customers. We are committed to listening to our customers and to understanding how the industry is evolving. We will incorporate these new requirements and changes as part of regular and prompt software updates. As a customer, you will experience this commitment by our actions, our products, and by the attitudes of everyone at HST.